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2017 Special Promo


Take the first step and try Gym Detector for free until end of 2017, a full year! And, with no limitations for you trila period. If you decide to stay on board after December 31st, 2017, pay as little as 20€ a month, or save by paying 200€ per year, no other strings attached! Charge your newly established clients as per your hourly policy. Again, no strings attached!

Gym Detector is a huge international network of wellness and physical training that embodies a world-wide trend. Pay ONLY as you GO!

The Gym Detector Network offers you, the personal trainer or Gym Manager the opportunity to become a part of Gym Detector and get instant access to thousands of people who need to work out and feel great about themselves in their own time, way and place. It’s about people who work and travel a lot, yet, never want to have to worry again about when and where they will work out, or even about these monthly gym subscriptions they eventually drop out from, for classes that they never get their money’s value for, because time and place-wise, they rarely fit into their super busy schedules.

So, it’s ultimately about your Gym and about «getting on the wagon» to gain clientele you never had before. Plus, get your gym advertised on the network and post your weekly schedule of classes out there at no extra cost. All your new clients need to do is book a class, according to their location, free time slot and type of workout. Think about it, it’s not about a few people paying monthly memberships anymore for specific classes and then quitting; It’s about the many, most probably the higher income ones, who will stop by, work out in whichever class at your gym, pay you right there and then and always come back when they are in the area and have some time on their hands. Our job is to get them there, your job is to provide them with a unique fitness experience.